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Connecting your Discord account grants you the following benefits:

  • – Your Days Studied is automatically updated and shown with your Discord username.
  • – Access to subscriber-exclusive channels such as #💬︱casual-日本語で, #💬︱formal-日本語で, and #📓︱ns-study-help where you can speak in Japanese and receive help and corrections from fellow students.

To connect your Discord and NativShark accounts, please copy the text below and paste it into the #🤖︱bots channel on the NativShark Discord.

When you paste the code, your message will be deleted immediately. This is intentional and means that your account was connected successfully.

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Satori Reader

Read engaging stories told in learner-friendly Japanese, with thoughtful annotations, audio recordings, community support, and a unique system that presents Japanese text in a manner appropriate to your knowledge.

When you set up synchronization from NativShark, kanji and furigana within stories on Satori Reader will automatically adjust to accommodate your growing knowledge. It's a powerful way to see your progress on a daily basis and stay energized to keep studying.



NativShark users get a special discount when subscribing to Satori Reader. Clicking the link below will take you to the subscription page.

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Learn kanji, their readings, and vocabulary through a mnemonic-based approach. Starting from level 1 and until level 60, you are slowly introduced to new building blocks that you can assemble together to understand more and more kanji.

When you set up synchronization with WaniKani, all kanji that you are studying in WaniKani will be automatically archived in NativShark. However, if NativShark teaches you a kanji that WaniKani does not, these will still show up as normal in the NativShark system. The WaniKani integration syncs every 12 hours so you may see a slight delay when updating your data.

Get your WaniKani API key here.



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